City of Champaign

Get Down Campaign Logo

The Get Down logo is part of a campaign developed by SURFACE 51 for the City of Champaign, Illinois. The campaign provides a glimpse into all that downtown Champaign offers, along with detailed parking information.


One Llama

Logo Identity

One Llama—a tech startup launched from the Research Park at the University of Illinois—get's it's name from a unique story. One of their offices overlooked an experimental farm where a flock of sheep was guarded by a lone llama. Hence. Yep, you get the picture. We developed their logo to capture the personality of the business.



Logo Identity

We created the Blueprint logo identity as part of an overall brand redesign, which included renaming the business. Blueprint helps guide people to take charge of their life and situation, realize their full potential and make a plan for meeting their life goals. The square icon symbolizes life as an open canvas, further identified with their tagline—take on a life of your own.



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